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Welcome to AlertGear Support Center.

If you need some extra features in AlertGear you can put your request. Suggest a new feature to us and we will make this feature a part of our software that you'll get for FREE.

If you encountered any problems please read FAQ section.

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How can I send messages to other than Windows platforms?
To send messages to non-Windows platform you can use our gadgets and widget. For example you can provide your users widget for MacOS allowing them to receive messages. You can also provide Vista gadgets, Google gadgets and Yahoo widgets to give your users freedom to select the way they want to receive your alerts.

How can I brand desktop client and gadgets?
Ability to customize clients will be added with new plans soon. In your control panel you'll be able to add your logo on desktop, add quick links menu and put here links to your website. You'll be able to change how your client looks at any time. All desktop clients comes with automatic updates capability.

Will I be able to upgrade to higher package?
Yes, you can upgrade to higher package at any time, no any extra fee.

What is the poll period?
Poll period is a guaranteed period within all your users will get alerts. For example if you have 3 minutes poll period the time between you send message and time user receives message will not exceed 3 minutes.

Poll period is a time between moments when desktop client checks for alerts on server.

What if I want to host AlertGear on my own server or within company?
Please take a look at our enterprise desktop alerts solution - DeskAlerts.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Switch, Solo, Paypal, US Check, UK Cheque, International Money Order, EFT, ACH, BACS, Wire Transfer, Credit Card by Phone or Fax with 16 toll-free international numbers.

All our payments carried by our authorized reseller SWREG.

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