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AlertGear - Most Affordable Desktop Notification System
the most affordable
Desktop Notification System

Tired of spam filters, obsolete addresses, forgotten mail accounts, unopened e-mails?
Increase your open ratio and click-through. Win your competition.


AlertGear is a web-based alert service.

AlertGear features:

  • Web-based control panel
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 100% delivery guaranteed
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Small client application size
  • Tools to build and track surveys
  • HTML editor for text, banners, links
  • Any multimedia content: graphics, Flash, video, audio
  • Personalized alerts sent to a single user
  • Multiple User groups
  • Scheduled messages
  • Message history
  • Sound notification
  • Statistic of usage, open-ratio, CTR, subscribers etc.
  • Branding - coming soon!
  • Alert Gadgets and widgets - coming soon!

Web-based control panel
AlertGear website allows you to send alerts from any online PC. The online control panel presents advanced management options.

Unlimited messages
Draft and send messages without limit to how many you create. As messages go out they're stored in the sent folder for later tracking and review.

100% delivery guaranteed
Your messages will be delivered over a secure server. AlertGear secure server host and technical team are up around the clock working for you.

Automatic Upgrades
All software upgrades are automatically made for you. We continually improve alert software with new and better features. Frequently, we will develop features suggested by our users, for more details on how that happens, see our "Made for users by users" program.

Small size
The AlertGear desktop client is quick to download and easy to install. It is compact and requires minimal system resources.

Build and track surveys
The AlertGear toolbox allows building custom polls, surveys and questionnaires. Survey results are returned easy to track.

HTML content format text, banners, votes, links
You can format the message text with HTML to add colors, lists, change fonts, and styling. You can add links to website.

Create Rich multimedia content: Flash, video, audio
Along with text use graphics, audio files, flash presentations and video to convey your message. Alerts effectively display a large amount of multimedia content on the user's desktop.

Send alerts to a single user
Notifications can be addressed to a specific user. This feature helps personalize your alert communication with each individual client.

Create User groups
Set up and organize your user groups to send targeted messages to a large number of users.

Schedule messages
You can schedule individual alerts to go out at a specific time. Scheduling is important when you have time-limited promotions. Also, alerts can be arranged to show within your start-end date.

Message history
All sent messages are stored in the Sent folder for the duration of your service to be re-viewed and tracked.

Sound notification
The desktop client will play a sound to attract attention as new messages arrive. Users can turn the sound on/off.

Statistics of usage, open-ratio, CTR, subscribers etc
Find out which messages are being read, whether your customers are using your application. View statistics of alerts by date to see your open ratio and click through ratio.

Branded AlertGear - coming soon!
Full branding can be uniquely tailored for your brand an will provide a custom brand experience to your desktop client users.

AlertGear gadgets and widgets - coming soon!
MacOS Dashboard Widget, Windows Vista Sidebar gadget, Google Desktop gadget and Yahoo widgets allows you to provide your users a choice whether they want to install new application or just a gadget. This also allows you to send messages to multiple platforms, including Mac.


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