AlertGear - Most Affordable Desktop Notification System
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AlertGear - Most Affordable Desktop Notification System
the most affordable
Desktop Notification System

Tired of spam filters, obsolete addresses, forgotten mail accounts, unopened e-mails?
Increase your open ratio and click-through. Win your competition.


AlertGear web-based alert messaging service benefits both senders and recipients.

Save time and money on alerts
You save on licensing alert software and buying server hardware for in-house hosting; you escape the hassle of maintenance and upgrades. We do it for you. AlertGear frees up your time for thinking up new creative content. Simply log in to your account and send your alerts online. We will provide you with complete alert technology. It's what we do best.

Send your messages right to the desktop
Your messages regain high visibility. Alerts are made impossible to oversee.

Breakthrough all filters
There are no problems such as spam filters and missing email addresses. Your messages are guaranteed 100% delivery.

Increase traffic
Your brand and links to your website placed on the desktop open web pages to repeat visitors. This builds customer loyalty and retention.

Use new communication channels
Frequently users are reluctant to share their email and instead use catch-spam inbox which they can ignore. Desktop alerts establish re-trust with a new communication channel.

Deliver faster
Your alerts are read right on the desktop, while emails wait for their turn. When users check the inbox, spam and commercial mailings are hardly ever opened.

Deliver more
You can send not only simple text, but also document attachments. Alerts deliver video, flash and audio, just about any graphics and multimedia.

Get instant poll results
You can conduct polls and surveys and receive immediate response.


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